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14 days free of charge

We are convinced that we do a good job. That's why we're giving every new customer who hasn't signed up with us yet the first 14 days FREE.
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Cancellable on monthly basis

Put an end to long contract periods and the opaque tariff jungle of some providers. After four weeks of testing, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
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€11.50 weekly

Start already for € 11.50 per week. Included strength & fitness training, cardio & endurance training, TRX & functional training as well as showers (12-Month-


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You can become a member starting at €11,50 /week. This price includes strength and fitness training on training stations and free equipment. All cable stations, cardio and endurance training, as well as TRX and functional training. Additional services with costs can be added at any time, but also canceled. You can do this conveniently from our app and the info terminal in the club.

Our most flexible membership has a minimum term of only 4 weeks and can be cancelled monthly. The first 14 days can be cancelled free of charge up to the last day without giving reasons in text form. But you’ll see – once you start at Springer, you won’t want to stop!

Yes, of course! You don’t know us yet, you haven’t had a test phase with us yet? Welcome, the first 14 days are considered as a free trial period. You have no risk and will get a trainer appointment to get you started.

The cold drinks are free of charge during your 14-days trial period and can be added to your membership afterwards for a small fee.


Ramona & Lars Springer

Owners of Springer Fitness & Health Clubs


Nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come!
This idea is not new, but it is revolutionary for us and for everyone who is interested in Springer. We’re letting go because we know we’re good. There is 100% flexibility for you.

We want to make it easy for you to take the first step. Without long terms. We want to give you the opportunity to test – 14 days – without costs. If you want, it continues for you after that, from 11.50 € per week.

With many additional options. As many or as few as you want. The new Springer Fitness & Health Clubs are smart, flexible, free and adapt to your needs.

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